Sending scores to colleges

During the registration process, students will be asked if they want to send their AP scores to a college if their school is having Total Registration print student data to answer sheets. If they answer "Yes", they will choose one college to which the College Board will send all the student's exam scores. That college choice can be edited, if needed, up until the the end of March. Edits are made by logging into with the student's email and password and clicking Edit Student/Parent Info under AP.  

We recommend only seniors who have selected their college, enter their school selection on that question. Everyone else can enter "No" and either leave it blank or hand-bubble the college choice the day of the exam.

If you would like to send scores to colleges after you take the AP exam, please enter that information into your College Board account.  Please see .

For students at schools that are not having TR print student data, the students will bubble the college code during their pre-administrative session.

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