Setting Fee Reduction circles on answer sheets

Schools having Total Registration pre-print their answer sheets will need to select which fee reduction circle to populate on their students' answer sheets. Coordinators should go to their F/R Lunch Student report in the AP Report Center to set the choice(s). 

The College Board explains Option 1 and Option 2 as:

There are two fee reduction circles on the answer sheet, in the “School Use Only” section. Only one circle should be filled in for each student eligible for funding.

  • Option 1: Low-Income Students (who meet low-income family guidelines for College Board, federal, and state fee reductions).
  • Option 2: Non-Low-Income Eligible Students (who are eligible for subsidies based on state criteria other than the AP fee reduction policy).

Fee reduction options are captured separately for exams that don’t require answer sheets:

  • Schools administering AP Studio Art Exams: Coordinators can designate a student’s fee reduction for AP Studio Art using the AP Studio Art Digital Submission Web application. 
  • Schools administering AP Chinese or Japanese Exams: Coordinators must use the Fee Reduction/Section Designation Form to indicate students eligible for fee reductions.


If all students should be set to one option, choose that option in the Set default Fee Reduction Granted option area and click Save, as pictured below.


If students' options vary, choose the individual student's option in the Fee Reduction Granted column, as shown below.



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