Preparing Answer Sheets for Shipping


Total Registration now offers schools the ability to print the student demographic data directly onto the AP answer sheets, removing the need for students to hand-bubble the information and schools needing to hold pre-administration sessions. To take advantage of this feature, answer "YES" to the pre-printing question found at the top of the General Info window when you configure your registration site.

Once your registration ends and you receive your exam materials, you will complete a series of steps to have students verify their data and to ship your unfolded, blank answer sheets to TR for printing.

  • You need to send an email to students and parents asking they verify their data by clicking Email Request to Students to Review Record in the Communications section of the AP Report Center.
  • You then need to complete the steps in the Prepare and Ship Answer Sheets utility (found under Answer Sheet Printing in the Exams section of the AP Report Center) to prepare your answer sheets and ship them to TR using a pre-paid FedEx label. 

TR will print the answer sheets in the order they are received and will ship back to the school once completed. The system sends schools an email with tracking info once the shipment back to schools has been created.

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