Verifying Student Data

Total Registration will print the student data that is in the database to the AP answer sheets. If you would like to have students and parents verify their data before TR prints the sheets, you can send an email to students and parents instructing them to do so by clicking the Email Request to Students to Review Record in the Communications area of the AP Report Center. Click the Create Email button.

You have the option to send to either the students who have not yet confirmed their information or all students. Click the Send To drop-down menu to choose.

You also can choose which format to send the student data - list the data in the body of the email or include a link the student will click and log in to view the data.

You will need to schedule the date/time for TR to send your message at the bottom of the window and then click Schedule Confirmation Email.


If students and parents do not receive the email or delete it before taking action, the student can log in to their account at and click Verify that your data is up to date.


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