AP Answer Sheet (Small) Labels

During the AP answer sheet printing process, TR will fully print one answer sheet (the answer sheet for the student's first exam) for each registered student as this is the only answer sheet students would fully bubble. For students who are taking a second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. AP exam, you will receive small labels to adhere to those answer sheets.

Coordinators will adhere the label to the top corner of their blank answer sheet next to (not covering) the black dot. It is fine for this label to overlap part of the AP Exam Label box as the AP Exam Label will cover it when students adhere the AP Exam Label on exam day. The label shows the student's name, ID number, and exam name. This will help coordinators organize exam materials and allow proctors to correctly distribute the materials on exam day.


On exam day, students will bubble their Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial and AP Number. All students whether the answer sheet was printed by TR or not will bubble the exam specific information and apply their AP number label on exam day.

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