Recording Students' AP Numbers in TR

Total Registration offers schools the ability to easily record a student's AP number into the student's TR account so they can later log in at and see their AP number it is needed to access their AP scores in the summer.  Often students misplace their AP number prior to the scores being released in July causing delays with score access.

Recording AP numbers in TR is optional but easy to do and using a wired, handheld barcode scanner will allow the numbers to be entered faster. If your school's library does not have one you can borrow, you can usually purchase an inexpensive one from Amazon. Brainydeal's Wired Handheld USB Automatic Laser Barcode Scanner Reader with USB Cable works well.

Schools who did NOT have TR pre-print their answer sheets, please click Record AP Numbers from the Edit Student Info/Exams/Passwords under the Students section in the AP Report Center. You can then either type in the AP number for each student or use a wired handheld barcode scanner to quickly scan the number and click Next at the bottom of the window to save. 


Schools who DID have TR pre-print their answer sheets can scan the TR barcode on the student's big label as well as the AP number barcode to quickly link the AP number to the student's TR record. Click Record AP Numbers from the Answer Sheet Printing utility in Exams section of the AP Report Center and use a wired handheld barcode scanner to scan the TR barcode number to search for the student's record. 


Next, place your cursor in the Scan AP Number text box and use the wired handheld barcode scanner to scan the AP number from the labels in the Student Pack and click Save.


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