Reconcile 2021 Exam Dates and Venues

For the 2021 AP exams, the College Board is offering three different Admin dates schools can choose plus some exams are being offered as digital exams that can be taken at school or at home. AP coordinators need to adjust students' exam dates and venues within the College Board's system to make sure each student has the correct exam access. Coordinators can choose to also update the students' Admin and Venue within Total Registration so that all dates and venues show correctly to your students when they view their student account history, reprint confirmation pages, receive communication emails you send from the TR system, etc. See for details about how to move students to different Admin and Venue choices within TR. Once the coordinator has updated the Admin and Venue information in both CB and TR, use the Reconcile Admins and Venues feature to verify all selections match between the two systems.

To use this new feature, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to AP > AP Report Center > Utilities for CB Enrollment > Reconcile Students between TR and CB. You will need to upload an updated data file you downloaded from your CB account in .csv or .xls format. The CB recently updated the student roster data file format so previously uploaded files may not include the Admin and Venue information. Please upload a newly generated file.
    NOTE: This new Reconcile Admins and Venues feature can only match Admins and Venues (school vs home) for students and exams that are matched in your Reconcile report. If you have students/exams not matched on the Reconciliation Report page, you may want to correct those entries before proceeding.
  2. Click the Reconcile Admins and Venues link (highlighted in the below screenshot) to open the new Reconcile Admins and Venues feature.


You will see two tables. Students in the first table who have red "highlighted" information have exams where the Admins or the Venues do not match. If you choose to match these, you will need to either edit the Admin/Venue in TR or edit the Admin/Venue in CB, whichever is incorrect. If your admins and venues are correct in CB's system, you are not required to update TR, but we strongly recommend it so that all emails, confirmations, rosters, room assignments, seating charts, etc. are correct.

Notice in the below screenshot the Admins do not match and most of the Venues do not match. Take note that the art exams (2D, 3D, Drawing) will not match as they have portfolio submission deadlines instead of "exams" so do not be concerned about editing for those exams. You can edit multiple students in a particular exam by clicking the Admin link and following Or, you can edit an individual student's Admin and Venue by clicking their name and then clicking Edit Student's Exams.


NOTE: If you make any changes in the CB's system, you must download a new student data file and upload it to TR's Reconcile utility before those changes will show in this new feature.

Your goal is to have all students EXCEPT the 2D, 3D, and Drawing students listed in the second table of this feature. Below shows the table where students' Admins and Venues do match between the two systems. Those students will see correct exam dates and venues when they receive communications you send via the TR communications tools or they log in to their student account to view account history.



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