Configuring begin/end and late dates

Our users report that three weeks is plenty of time to register students for exams. We recommend having students register for three weeks at your standard exam fee and then having an additional week of registration with a late fee. Schools that use a late fee report that students will rush to beat the late fee date. We do have schools that run their registration period for months and others that register students for just a couple of weeks. In general, students will wait until the last minute to register, so having a long registration period is generally not beneficial.

We have put together a document that you mind helpful when planning your registration period,


Total Registration requires you end your exam registration at least one week before you desire to submit your exam order to the College Board. There are a few reasons for doing this:

  • If you are collecting payments at school, you want to allow students some time to pay after they register. We suggest that you do not order exams for student's who have not paid, so this extra week is useful for notifying students and providing them an opportunity to make payment.
  • It is very important to have all of the classroom teachers review the exam rosters and make sure that they are accurate before ordering your exams.  Teachers are the best equipped to find any registration errors. However, it takes time to provide them rosters and get the reviewed rosters back from them. We recommend you have teachers make notes on the rosters and initial that they are correct before returning them for you to use in compiling an exam order.
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