District users

Activate Login

In order to get started, you will need to create a login. Total Registration will send you an email with an activation link. Following the link will allow you to activate your login.

Activate/Set-up District

Once your login is activated you will need to set up your district, secondary users will not need to do this as the primary user will have already done this.

Configure District Defaults

TR allows districts to create some defaults that will be used by all the district's schools. Setting defaults can save school users time in setting up their registration sites while creating uniformity in the registration process. Schools will have the ability to set settings different than the defaults, so it is important that districts communicate the expectations with schools. In other words, tell them what they should not edit.

District users can begin configuring your defaults. There are two ways to proceed with configuring your defaults: you can use the Configuration Interview or complete each step separately. 

  • Configuration Interview: TR encourages districts configuring their defaults for the first time to use the Configuration Interview as it will walk you through the entire process, beginning to end. You may leave the interview at any time. When you return, it will begin at the beginning but you can click "Save" to get to the page you left off on.
  • Configuring each piece separately: Users can access each part of the configuration process.  TR recommends this for users who are editing their configuration and are familiar with the process. All parts will need to be completed before the registration site can be activated.

Setting up Schools

Total Registration will need to set up each of the schools in the district. Please email and let Total Registration know the email address of the "primary coordinator" at each school.

Adding Additional District Users

TR has made it easy for the primary user (first user for a district) to add additional users and manage existing users. This can be done at Account => Manage/Add Users.  All users will have access to all the information, so we encourage users to use discretion when creating users. 

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