Adding coordinators

Schools can set up multiple logins so more than one person can manage the student data and reports. Staff who may need logins are the Exam Coordinator, Counseling Secretary, Principal, Assistant Principal, Bookkeeper, etc. Having said that, there are times where it is advantageous to not have too many admins as it can create confusion in the registration process. The decision of how many admins to have ultimately rests with the school.

To create additional logins, the account owner (first user) will need to log in at They can then click on Account => Manage/Add Users. Adding users is as simple as clicking the add user link in the top right corner above the listings of current users, entering the new user's email address and checking which services the user should have access to. Users will only have access to the services checked and will receive all system messages related to these services. Total Registration will send new users an email invitation with a link to activate their login. Once their login is created, the user will have access to the checked services in the school's account.

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