Incomplete registration

Occasionally students will begin but not complete the registration process. A registration is not recorded until the entire process is complete. 

Viewing Incomplete Registrations

Schools can view students who have an incomplete registration using the "Potential Incomplete Registrations" report under Student Lists in the Students section of the Report Center. This report lists all the students who have started but not completed a registration. For many of the incomplete registrations, we only know the email address used to begin the registration. There are a variety of reasons that a student may not have completed the registration:

  • The registration was abandoned and was completed using a different email address. In these cases, you will see a "successful" registration for the student, but using a different email than the one listed.
  • The student/parent did not follow the directions and complete the registration. The registration is not complete until the confirmation page is reached. In this case, the student and parent will not have a confirmation print out or have received one via email.
  • There was a problem with a payment (for schools with some forms of payment processing) and therefore the registration was not completed. In this case, the student/parent will not have a confirmation page or have received one in the email.

Taking Care of Incomplete Registrations 

  • You can Delete an incomplete registration, allowing the student/parent to try again (if the registration deadline has not passed). 
  • Students may log into to complete their registration (if the registration deadline has not passed).
  • If there has been a successful registration with a different email, remove the incomplete registration listed in the report.

Total Registration does send automated emails to these incomplete registrations clearly outlining the various options. The emails are sent the day after the registration was first begun and every three days after that. We have, however, found that many students/parents will ignore these emails.

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