Checking configuration

Total Registration has created a "Configuration Check" that allows schools to verify if their configuration is complete. The configuration check can be run from the Home page or from Configure Registration => Configuration Check.

NOTE: Schools' registration sites will not be active until they have completed the Configuration Check without any errors.

The Configuration Check may give schools two types of messages - Errors and Warnings.

  • Errors are problems with the configuration that must be corrected before the registration site will be activated. When errors are encountered, a link will be given to the appropriate section of the configuration. After errors have been corrected, the Configuration Check must be run again. Some errors may require the help of Total Registration. If TR assistance is needed, an email will be sent to TR.
  • Warnings are concerns that do not prevent the registration site from being activated. Please read the warnings carefully and be sure to understand the consequences of continuing. Schools can proceed with taking no action on the warnings. If action is taken, we recommend running the Configuration Check once more.

Once the configuration check has been completed without errors, the registration site is ready for students. The registration site will not, however, be open to students until your begin date.

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