Ordering exams from College Board

Schools are responsible for ordering their exams from the College Board. Schools will need to log into the College Boards's website in order to place their order,

Most schools find the Exam Totals report helpful for placing the exam order.  This report gives the number of regular and alternate exams that students have registered for.  This report can be sorted by clicking on the headings in the table.

Total Registration recommends that schools do the following before placing their order with the College Board:

  • Record all payments from students
  • Run the Balance Due report to see if there are any students that have not paid their fees
  • Total Registration recommends that schools exams only for students paid in full.  Use the Discrepancy Email to let students know they need to pay or their exams will not be ordered.
  • Drop Exams (use Data Base Management) for students who will not be taking exams.  TR recommends dropping exams for students who have not paid their fees.  Schools should fully communicate with students and parents before dropping any exams.
  • Print exam rosters and distribute them to teachers.  Ask teachers to completely review the rosters and let you know if there are any issues (students they do not know or missing students).  TR recommends having teachers return their rosters signed with any notes.
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