Resetting a Student's Password

There are several ways to handle students who do not remember the email or password they used for past registrations.


  1. We recommend that all schools use Send Email reminder of email used in the past utility found under Communications in the Report Center.  This report allows schools to send all students who registered in the past (except last year's seniors) a reminder of the email they used when registering in the past.
  2. If students do not remember their password they can click the Forgot Your Password? link on the login page.  They then have 3 options
    1. The system can email them a temporary password. The email is sent to both the student and password on record.  This only works if they have access to these email addresses.
    2. They can use the Challenge Question and provide the answer they have created to the question they created and reset their password and/or email.  This is a great option for students that do not have access to their old email address or are not receiving password reset emails. Please be aware that the answer is case sensitive and must be an exact match with what was entered when the answer was set up. 
    3. They can submit a request to have the school reset their password or update their email address.
  3. If the student does not remember the email they can click the Don't Remember the Email you Used in the Past?  on the registration site and the system will remind them the email they used in the past
  4. If the student needs to change their email they can log in with their old email (assuming they remember their password) and update their email once they are logged in.
  5. Any school TR user can reset a student's password or edit their email when logged in at Account => Change Students Password or using the Reset a Students Password/Email under the Edit Student Info/Passwords/Exams section of the Report Center.
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