Students Whose Name and Email Match in Both Systems but Exams May Not Match

Once coordinators upload their College Board (CB) file into the Reconcile tool, they will see students grouped into four categories. Students with Matched Student Info between CB File and TR Data (EXAMS MAY NOT MATCH) is one of those categories. Students listed in that category have auto-matched because their first name, last name, email address, and exams matched in both systems or they are students the coordinator manually matched in the Potential Matches table.

Notice in the example below that the first circled students' number of exams registered in Total Registration does not match the number of exams enrolled for in College Board. Upon further investigation, we see the student registered in Total Registration for five exams but only noted in College Board their intent to take four exams. AP Statistics is missing from the College Board list of exams. The coordinator needs to determine the student's intent and edit the appropriate system so both lists of exams match. Coordinators can easily click the email icon in the Action column to send an email to that particular student to find out their intent. If the coordinator finds out the student does not wish to take the AP Statistics exam, the coordinator can drop that exam from the TR system (see Cancelling/Deleting AP Exams). If the coordinator finds out the student does intend to take the exam, the coordinator will correct the College Board record.


Coordinators may see highlighted entries where there are no numbers in the TR column (see below). There are two reasons the student may not match in those cases: The student registered in TR in previous years but has not yet registered in TR this school year OR the student registered in two accounts this school year in TR and the coordinator dropped the exams from one account or merged the accounts.  If the coordinator finds no record of current exams registered in TR, then you should contact the student to have them register in TR.

Unmatching Records

If the coordinator does find a current record for the student in TR even though they are highlighted here with no number in the TR column, then click the Unmatch icon (highlighted below) and run the Reconcile report again.


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