Student unable to select Exam during registration

If a student does not see the radio button to select their exam during the registration process, it could be they are already registered for that exam, they were previously registered and cancelled that exam, or they were denied that exam from a waitlist. 

The coordinator can see if the student is already registered for that particular exam by viewing the Exam Roster or the Student List in the Report Center. 

Students cannot re-register themselves for cancelled exams. If the student changed his/her mind and does want to take a previously cancelled exam, the coordinator will need to reinstate the exam from the Misc Exam Reports link in the Report Center (AP and IB only). The coordinator can reinstate a dropped PSAT exam from the Edit Students Info/Exams/Password link.

To reverse the coordinator's action on a waitlist denial so the student is registered for the denied exam, go to Manage Student Requests link in the Report Center.

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