Reverse Cancellation Fees for Previously Cancelled AP Exams

The College Board recently announced they will not charge the $40 cancellation fee for canceled/unused 2020 AP exams. It is up to each school to decide if they want to refund the previously charged $40 cancellation fees for exam registrations canceled prior to the College Board's announcement. If your school used TR Payment Processing and your school desires to refund the $40 cancellation fee assessed to student TR accounts prior to the Coronavirus pandemic causing schools to continue their school year online, you can do so by following the below steps. 

1. Go to your AP Report Center, click Payment/Balance Reports, and then click Student Fees Report.

2. Uncheck all Fee Types to Display except for Cancellation Fee and click Apply Filters.


You will then see all students who were assessed a Cancellation fee.

3. Click the student's name and then click View/Edit Finances.


4. The AP Enter Payments and Edit Payments/Fees for that student will open.

5. Click the blue edit icon next to the Cancellation fee.


6. Change the fee to $0 and save changes. The student will then show in the system as $40 overpaid.

7. Follow Recording a Refund directions to record the refund amount that should be processed back to the student.





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