Cancelling and Requesting a Refund for 2020 AP Exams (only for students at schools using Total Registration)

The College Board has announced the 2020 AP exams will be given in an online format this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic causing most school buildings to close. The College Board has indicated once an exam registration is canceled, students cannot re-register for the exam. If you are 100% certain you no longer wish to take the modified AP exams, you can request an exam registration cancellation

Students who attend schools that used Total Registration's AP Exam Registration Service can log in to  using the student's email address and password for your Total Registration account. Once logged in, click the Exam Cancellation Request link.


You can then choose which registered AP exams to cancel by clicking the checkbox next to the exam name. Also, note the cancellation fee the school will deduct from your refund, if any. Click Next to continue.


Be sure to choose Coronavirus Crisis for the reason for canceling. Click Send Cancellation Request.


Your school will be notified of your cancellation request and will take the appropriate action to process any refund due to you. Due to the College Board's changes, some schools are electing to wait until after all AP exams conclude in June before approving cancellations and refunds. Contact your AP coordinator or if you have any questions.


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