Cancel AP Exam Registration due to Coronavirus

Students Request Cancellation

Students have the ability to request AP exam registration cancellation when they are logged in at


Coordinator Cancels/Drops Exam

Should AP coordinators wish to cancel exam registrations for the student, you can do so by clicking the student's name from any report in the AP Report Center and then click Edit Student's Exams.


You will then choose Dropped - Was Registered for at one point next to the exam name. The reason should be Coronavirus Crisis
NOTE: Do not cancel the exam registration unless the student is 100% certain they do not wish to take the AP exam. The College Board will not allow students to re-register within their system and you want the TR system and College Board's systems to match.


You can adjust the cancellation fee on the second screen, if needed. See Configure Cancellation Fees For AP Exams Cancelled Due To Coronavirus for more information about schools collecting cancellation fees for payment processing. Click Finalize Changes to save the cancellation.


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