Refunds for Schools using TR's Payment Processing and Receiving Monthly Checks

TR retains an approximate 10% reserve from which we subtract the service invoice and process student refunds.  In years past, the reserve has typically been sufficient to process the necessary refunds.  Unfortunately, this is anything but a typical year.

We are very concerned that schools may need to issue refunds for more than the 10% TR has in reserve.  Unfortunately, TR can only process refunds when we have funds available.  You can view the balance TR owes you at AP => AP Report Center => Finances => Payment/Balance Reports => TR Payment Processing Report.  The schools that elected to have TR send a single check at the end of May have a larger and likely sufficient balance to process necessary refunds.

If you anticipate refunding a total of students fees greater than the balance TR owes you in the processing report, you will need to mail a check to TR to cover the difference.  The challenge will be figuring out how much to send and finding someone to process and mail the check while school is out of session.  TR will not be able to process refunds beyond the amount of the reserve until we receive the additional funds from the school.

When trying to estimate how much to send to TR be sure to account for the number of exams you think students will cancel (will it be 10%, 25%, 50%, 75%?) as well as the students who will not cancel but will not take the test online (unused exams).  There have been some messages that the College Board will not charge the school the $40.00 cancellation fee or the $40.00 "unused" exam fee for no shows.  

Unfortunately, we are unable to predict how much each school will need to refund, as this is an unprecedented situation.  We recommend trying to estimate the % of paid exams you think students will cancel, sum the refunds you wish to approve, and then send more than that.  TR will process any refunds you record and will, of course, return any remaining funds after all processing is complete, same as we would for the remaining balance owed to schools.

The check can be made payable to Total Registration, LLC and mailed to:

Total Registration, LLC
PO Box 398
Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

You can put AP Exam Refunds in the memo of the check.

The check should be mailed ASAP so families can receive their refunds promptly. If there is a delay in processing the check, you should send it Express Mail, overnight. We ask that schools do not approve cancellation requests until TR has received the funds as families will expect timely refunds once cancellations are approved. We will send all the school’s users an email when we receive the check so that you know you can proceed with cancellations and refunds.

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