Communicating the 2020 AP Exam Changes

It is critical that AP Coordinators communicate the changes to the 2020 AP exams to students, parents, and teachers. TR has tools to simplify this process for coordinators.

There are two primary communication tools to communicate with students and parents. Both are found in the Communications section of the AP Report Center:

  • Coronavirus Update - This is the easiest way to send updates to both students and parents.  TR has created some default text that schools can modify as desired.  Coordinators should be sure they clearly communicate any policy changes here.
  • Email Exam Day Schedule to Students - This tool will email each student taking an exam their unique exam schedules including the time of their exam in the school's time zone. We anticipate this email being available by April 10.

To email teachers, AP Coordinators can use the Email/Text Particular Students/Teachers/Proctors utility in the Communications section of the AP report Center and select Staff => All Teachers.



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