Coronavirus: Updating Students' Exam Status in College Board's System

ATTENTION: The deadline for schools to change a student's "Order Exam?" status to No in CB's system is April 20, 2020.

The College Board has stated AP coordinators need to take no action regarding students' exam intent in their system for the 2020 AP exams. The reality is if a school refunds a student's exam fee prior to the AP exam but does not change the student's "Order Exam?" status in CB's system to "No," then that student could still access the exam and take it online in May/June. If a student takes an AP exam the CB will bill the school for the exam even if the student's payment was refunded. To be fiscally responsible, the school should change the student's "Order Exam?" status to "No". 

Total Registration recommends marking all canceled AP exams as "No" for the "Order Exam?" status in CB's system as soon as possible.  You can view all the exams cancelled/dropped in TR at AP => AP Report Center => Exams => Misc Exam Reports => Dropped Exams - Reinstate. You can click the Date Dropped column header to view the canceled exams in date order.

If a student canceled/dropped their exam registration in Total Registration and received their refund but did not have their "Exam Order" status changed to "No" in College Board and changes their mind deciding to take the exam, you can reinstate their dropped exam in Total Registration and have the student make a new payment (see Reinstating a Cancelled Exam).


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