2021 AP Exam Administration Dates Selection

The College Board has scheduled three administration windows for AP exams in 2021. Administration 1 will be the traditional in-school paper-and-pencil exams, while Administration 2 and Administration 3 will be a combination of paper-and-pencil and digital exams. Digital exams can be administered on computers in school or at home; however, all digital exams will have synchronous start times at 12 p.m. EDT and 4 p.m. EDT. You can see all exam date/time options at

All students registered for exams in Total Registration are automatically scheduled for Administration 1, previously known as the regular exam window. AP coordinators have the ability to move groups of students to Admin 2 and/or Admin 3 in TR or they can choose to have students log in to student accounts at to select their exam date and test location (if digital is an option). Students will only be allowed date and test location options the coordinator has previously configured. The AP coordinator will need to approve any selections made by students.

Regardless of how the coordinator wants students' exams moved to a different date or test location (for digital exams), the first step all schools must take is configuring which exam administrations and test locations they will offer their students. Go to the AP menu and click the Config 2021 Admin Options link. The below window will open.


You will see all exams your school has previously configured to offer and a number in parenthesis which indicates the number of students currently registered for that particular exam in your school. Click the check boxes for the exam dates and modes you plan to administer and click the Save button. You can click the check box at the top of an administration column if you want to select all listed exams to be given during that particular administration. Or, you can click individual exams to be given in a particular administration window. If you choose to offer a Digital exam during Admin 2 or Admin 3, you will also need to checkmark which location it will be given - at school, at home, or both.

Below is an example of a school that is choosing to administer all exams during Admin 1 and Admin 2 at school with only digital at-home exams offered during Admin 3.



Allowing Students to Choose Their Exam Date

If you want to allow students to see the different exam date options and choose which they wish to be scheduled for, then go to the AP menu, click the General Info link, and answer the question "Would you like to allow students to request the alternate date for one of their registered exams?" as YES, and save. Students will then see a link allowing them to request an alternate exam date when they login to their student account at


When the student clicks that link, they will be able to select their exam date and location (if a digital exam) depending on the exam administrations the school's AP coordinator previously configured. 


The school coordinator will need to approve each requested change from the pending list seen on the coordinator's TR admin dashboard.

Moving Students' Exams to a Different Date and/or Venue

If the school prefers to not allow students the ability to choose their exam date, the coordinator can bulk change exam dates for groups of students by going to the individual exam's roster, clicking the check box for the students to move to a different exam date (if moving everyone on the roster, you can click the box at the top of the column), clicking to uncheck or checkmark the option to send an email to the students and parents regarding the change, choose Change Exam Date from the Action menu, and click the Take Action button.


You will then see all selected students for that particular exam and you can choose which exam administration to move them to, plus choose either Home or School for any Digital administrations depending on which exam administrations you configured. You will also need to choose the reason for changing exam dates and adjust any additional fees the students should be assessed.


If you selected to send an email message to the students and parents about this change from the previous page, you can edit the text box and then click the Update Exam Date button to save the exam changes and send your email message.


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