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Send-College-Scores field?

Is anyone else concerned about the current configuration set-up which requires our students to identify now, months earlier than without pre-bubbling, if they want their scores sent to a particular college?

The experience of coordinators in my region (none of whom use TR, though) is that they agree many students anguish over this (being "score adverse" and really consider how good they think their scores is likely to be, etc.). So even as late at mid-April, which we would typically hold Pre-Administration, there are plenty of students who take College Board at their word that they will get Yet Another Chance to bubble that particular field in on their first test day during General Instructions II, if they don't choose to commit at Pre-Admin.

But TR's system forces a student to claim Yes or No in February. And my fear is once that bubbled field is indelibly stamped, the student will not be able to erase, as s/he would with a No.2 pencil.

Personally, I would like to see this particular field not made mandatory at TR Registration. I fear it is locking things in like this that give College Board concern at us using this technology---which other than things such as this, I think could be a great boon. But not if I am going to have parents railing about having to pay the $15 because they didn't' get as much time as everyone else to consider/reconsider their selection (the scores are sent free if they opt Yes now; the scores are sent free if they opt Yes at their first exam; but thereafter students pay $15, so it will matter to families).

I am concerned that if I have to tell as slew of parents in June "I"m sorry your student could not amend that field and now wants to select Yes after having entered No in February and now must pay $15 to order scores" that this will cause parents to rail to CB and then make things harder for TR and all of us.

I really would like to see this feature succeed.


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Students are welcome to answer "no" during the registration process to the question about sending scores to a college. If they answer "no," the bubbles for that question will be left blank. Students can then hand-bubble their school's code on test day, if they choose. 

Students can log into their Total Registration account and edit their response to that question or change their college choice as long as they do so before TR pre-prints the sheets in April. If they miss that deadline, the school code for their original choice will be printed on the answer sheet.

We recommend only seniors who have selected their college, enter their school selection on that question. Everyone else can enter "no" and either leave it blank or hand-bubble it the day of the exam.

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This is a huge concern for me! I have been telling my students, wrongly, that they are NOT required to fill in the "sending scores to college" item and that they would have time to fill it in the morning of their exam. Many students at this time (it's only February!) have not made the decision of where they would like their scores sent. Many more will know by May... It doesn't seem fair that they will then incur a $15 charge because we used the TR Pre-Administration/Bubbling feature. CAN THIS BE CHANGED by Monday? Our first day of registration???

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Looks like at least we have the option of heavily messaging seniors to edit "No" unless they are very sure, just to give them the option of filling it in later. Aside from removing the mandatory nature of the field, that's the best option. But it's better than no recourse. Thank you!

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