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$42.00 Cancellation Fee Beginning Nov 2

From Section V-D (page 5) of the Pilot Contract - 

If a school orders an exam by November 1, 2017, and subsequently cancels it on or before March 1, 2018, the College Board will credit the School for the full fee less a cancellation fee of $42. For full-priced exams, the resulting amount owed will be $43; for Students who qualify for fee-reduced exams, the resulting amount owed will be $11. The "unused exam fee" currently charged in the event of a "no-show" will not apply to Pilot schools. All exams shipped will be invoiced at the $94 exam fee, net any applicable fee reductions.

Schools’ comments regarding the cancellation fee:

  • Why is the cancellation fee so early in the school year and so exorbitant?
  • Is the school responsible for the cancellation fee if students registered but did not pay?
  • Will students who transfer out of the school be charged the cancellation fee?
  • What about students who find out (before the exams) that the college they will attend will not accept AP exam credit?

 Please share your thoughts on how this change would affect your school community.

Additional Research:

Mike Elings

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Forcing students to make a decision so early in the school year and locking them in to that decision by having such a high cancellation fee is not a good idea.  Students will choose not to take the exam at all.

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