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Prebubbling is great - but there's more to preadministration



We are concerned about how best to "label" the Student packet containing a student's AP number label, give them the information that is typically provided by the pre-admin process and still avoid having pre-admin sessions. Have you learned how schools are doing this? Maybe pre-bubbling is good, but, maybe there are still the optional portions of pre-administration that need to be completed? So - A session isn't completely avoided, but, the critical items that make sure a test is properly scored are done which shortens the pre-administration process?


Georgina Schuetz

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Total Registration has created several tools to completely remove the pre-administration process.  In addition to printing the student data on the student's first answer sheet, we will be printing a large label with the student's data and exams to be used on the student pack.  We will also be printing a small label fore each sheet or students exams 2+.  Please see for a detailed outline of the process and answers to frequently asked questions.

Mike Elings
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