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Pre-Administration April timeline

Please walk us through a rough idea of what April will look like, schedule-wise.

Who is paying for the shipping labels (TR or school)? When will we receive them (if TR is generating them)? By what date or for how long will you need to process our answer sheets (two weeks, max)?

By knowing how long you anticipate processing the answer sheets and what carrier/speed is being used (ground, 3-day, etc.), we may better anticipate and coordinate our other tasks. Also, if the school is paying for shipping, then we can decide how much expediting the shipment is worth to us. If you are paying, then we can do the math to figure out what that schedule is likely to look like.

Thank you!


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Thank you! Yes, your PDF has been helpful for the basics!   I was unsure whether "pre-paid" label meant you were supplying it or we had to go online to and create (pre-pay) for them ourselves. It was not obvious to us, since you don't know the size and weight of our shipment to generate a label for us ahead of time. So I was being asked to ensure that was not the case.  However, we can now assume you are figuring out how many answer sheets equal a pound and multiplying from there, once you see how many exams we have ordered, You must be assuming we will use the same size boxes CB supplies to us (though some are taller than others----and UPS does care about dimensional weight as well as weight). But we can now assume you have that side handled. Thank you!

And yes, I was hoping for something more specific than "long before" the 24th, So instead I will assume it is the same three-week+ turnaround from the date we ship out regardless of when we supply the sheets to you. I can work with that.

Thank you muchly!


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Johanna - To clarify, Total Registration is covering the cost of the shipping to and from TR.  Schools will have a utility within their account to print a shipping label and schedule a pickup when they are ready to ship the box.  School's will pack the sheets in a box from a case of copy paper (all schools have these available). Since paper is dense, the dimensional weight is irrelevant as the box will be charged by the actual weight. This does not need to be included on the label as the carrier will weigh the box and charge TR accordingly (companies send customers pre-paid return labels all the time that do not have dimensions or weight).

In regard to the processing of the answer sheets, TR will print materials in the order they are received from schools.  The first box we receive will the the first we print and ship.  In other words, if you are worried about having time, we recommend you send your answer sheets to TR as soon as possible.  All schools will have their printed materials in their possession no later than April 24, 2017, a week before the first possible exam.

All of this of course is not happening any earlier than the end of March, so we encourage you to hang tight and wait for more details to come. 

Mike Elings for the Total Registration Team

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