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AP Full Year Model Pilot - 2018-2019 calendar PDF

On the AP Coordinator Community:

This calendar is only for the schools testing a new system, not for all schools.  Here is the official response:

The AP Exam ordering deadlines in this calendar ONLY apply to the 800 schools that are implementing new annual processes and classroom resources in the 2018-19 school year. Principals and AP coordinators at these schools were notified in March. A new ordering calendar will go into effect for all schools offering AP in the 2019-20 school year, but specific ordering deadlines have not yet been announced.

I do hope they push those deadlines out as this will create huge issues for our students/parents as well as the registration coordination, etc.




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Julie -   The pdf we sent everyone the link to ( does not indicate that this timeline was only for schools in the pilot, so we appreciate the clarification.

There are many schools concerned as the 2017-2018 pilot had an early registration deadline, late fee, and cancellation fee, the document referenced above has an early registration deadline, late fee, and cancellation fee and the survey CB sent students this past spring had an early registration deadline, late fee, and cancellation fee. Schools feel all indications point towards the CB really wanting an early registration deadline, late fee and cancellation fee.  Would these conditions benefit your students and parents?


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