Updating Teacher/Period Selection to get a new Join Code for AP Exams

The College Board requires AP students enroll in their MyAP system with unique join codes in order to gain access to the College Board's classroom resources and indicate the student's desire to take the AP exams. During registration in Total Registration, students will receive their join codes to use in MyAP. The join code is based on the student's teacher and period selection during registration. If the student later changes their class schedule to a different teacher and/or period, they can log in to their student account at to request to update their teacher/period within Total Registration and receive an updated join code. The school's testing coordinator must approve the student's request before a new join code will be released to the student.

To request a teacher/period update after registering in Total Registration, login to the student's account at and click the Request Update to Teacher/Period link. If the teacher and/or period you wish to request in your change are not showing as options, please contact your school's testing coordinator for guidance.

NOTE: Some schools may choose to not allow students to request to update the teacher and/or period after registering. Please contact your school's testing coordinator if you do not see this link when logged into your student account at


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