Mailing address for mailed payments - Payment Stub

Some schools have elected to have students purchase their exams from Total Registration. Students at these schools can pay online with a debit or credit card or mail a check, cashier's check, or money order to Total Registration. 

If you opt to mail your payment (Note: this is not an option at all schools), you will need to follow the directions on the "Payment Stub" that you printed at the time of registration. If you did not print a payment stub, you can log in to and click Make a Payment to either pay online or generate a new payment stub. Students will mail their payment (payable to Total Registration, LLC) with their Payment Stub to:

Total Registration, LLC
PO Box 398
Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

It is important that all checks include the Reference Number in the memo of the check. If you are not able to able to print a Payment Stub, please enclose a copy of your confirmation.

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