Finding school's registration website

Total Registration provides a unique web address (link or URL) for each school's registration site. This address can be found at Registration Site Addresses. Here you will notice three links that allow different levels of access to the registration site. The first link is the address you should distribute to students and has the form where XXXXXX is your College Board assigned school code (used for AP, PSAT and SAT). Do not worry about leading zeros with your school code as the URL will work both with and without them.

The other two addresses should not be distributed to students. The second address allows you to test your registration site and the third address allows access to the registration outside of your registration period.

Most schools will have the person responsible for the school website put a link to the registration site on the school's website. Some schools will create an AP page that contains policies, dates, contacts, etc as well as the link to the registration site. We have created a letter template from your configuration data that you can copy, paste and edit that contains the registration site address. This form letter can be found at Registration Letter Template.

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