Downloading all collected data

There are two things you can do to get data into Microsoft Excel. 

1. Get Individual Reports -

By following these steps, you can cut and paste any report's data into Microsoft Excel. 

In Internet Explorer:

  1. Open the desired report in the Report Center.
  2. Click on the printer icon to the right of the report title.
  3. Position the cursor right above the table containing the desired data.
  4. Left click and keep pressing while highlighting all of the data. See the example below.
  5. Hit Ctrl -C (copy on a pc).
  6. Open MS Excel and click on the first cell.
  7. Hit Ctrl-V (paste on a pc).
  8. You should now have the data.
  9. You need to delete some rows from the top and bottom that do not contain meaningful data.

In FireFox:

You will follow the same steps above. The difference is that it may not be obvious that the data is being highlighted. Be sure start above the table before left clicking and scroll to below the table before hitting Ctrl-C.

2. Download the Entire Database -

The second way to get data into Microsoft Excel is to download the entire database. This can be done in the Report Center (you must be logged in). The file that will be downloaded is a text file that is delimited with semicolons.  The download page has directions on what to do with this file.

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