Configuring registration questions

The RegiSmart system is a flexible tool where you choose what fields of information to collect from your students and parents. Click Configure Questions from the left side menu to see the types of questions you can use. These blocks of information/questions will later be used to configure the questions you want asked for each individual registration form.

Click Configure Student Information to begin configuring questions. Some questions are shown as "Required by RegiSmart System" and cannot be edited. Other questions have a drop-down menu for you to choose from - Do Not Use, Required, or Optional. You decide how best to use that piece of information in your registrations. You can also click the checkmark off on Select to use block to turn off that entire block's information. For example, if you click the checkmark to off (checkmark does not show) next to Select to use block in the Address block, the system would not list the address questions in your registration. Click Update at the bottom of the window to save changes to this configuration page.

You can then click the other options in the configuration menu to continue setting up questions for parent information, emergency information, and medical information. 

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