Editing student's information

It is easy to edit the "student info" part of a student's record using the Edit Student Info feature.  There are two ways to access this edit student info utility:

1. The easiest way to edit student info is to click on a student's name on any report:

A "pop-up" will open with the student's information.  Near the top of this page, you can click "Edit Student Info"

Clicking the link results in an edit page opening. You can use the scroll bar to access the various fields of the student's record. Once you have made your edits, click the Submit button at the bottom of the pop-up.


 2. The second way to edit a student's information is to go to the Report Center => Edit Student Info/Exams/Password (in the Students section) => Edit Student Info.  You will then need to find the student and click Info in the Edit Student Info/Exams Column:

This will bring up a full-screen edit page. After editing the values, be sure to click Save Edits at the bottom of the page.


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