Changing an exam to alternate exam date

Occasionally there are scheduling conflicts the require the use of an alternate exam.  This may be caused by conflicts within the AP Program, conflicts between IB and AP exams, conflicts with sports competitions, illness or various other reasons.

A student does not have the ability to edit their exams or select an alternate exam, but the Exam Coordinator does. In order to edit a student's exam and select an exam to be an alternate instead of a regular exam, you will need to log in, click the student's name in most reports and then click Edit Student's Exams. To change the exam to an alternate scroll down to the exam that needs to be changed and select Alternate in the exam selection box and then scroll down and click Next.

On the next page, you will select the reason for the alternate using the drop-down menu and apply a fee if there is one. The system will attempt to populate the fee based on what the College Board will charge the school. Coordinators can always override the amount the system populates by entering a different one. Scroll down and click Finalize. If the student has an outstanding balance and the school has online payments, the family can log in at and pay the outstanding balance.

NOTE: You can move multiple students within the same exam at one time by following Moving Multiple Students in an AP Exam.

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