Moving Multiple Students in an AP Exam to Another Exam Date

Schools will sometimes need to move large groups of students from one exam date to a different exam date for various reasons. You can bulk change exam dates by going to that exam's roster, clicking the box to checkmark the students to move to a different exam date (if moving everyone on the roster, you can click the box at the top of the column), clicking to uncheck or checkmark the option to send an email to the students and parents regarding the change, choose Change Exam Date from the Action menu, and click the Take Action button.


On the second screen, you will choose which exam version to move the students to for that AP exam, choose the reason for the move, and edit the alternate exam fee if it should differ from the one the system pre-populates. If you are sending an email message to the students and parents regarding this change, you can edit the email text if needed. Click the Update Exam Date button.



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