Configuring refund policy

Over the years, TR has learned that it is critical that schools clearly publicize their refund policy before students register for exams.  Having a clearly stated refund policy greatly reduces frustration with parents and students if exams need to be canceled.  With this in mind, TR’s system requires that all students/parents check that they have read the refund policy before they may complete their registration.

TR has created two ways for schools to configure their refund policy:

Defined Refund Policy with Dates – Recommended (Required if TR sells the exams)

TR has made it easy for schools to create defined refund policies. Schools set up a date by which students can receive a full refund, the date by which students may cancel but will receive a partial refund, and the date after which there are no refunds.

  • Date by which a student can receive Full Refund - This is the date by which students may cancel a registration and receive a complete refund.  We recommend that this date be the end of your registration period. We strongly believe that a student who cancels a registration during the registration window should be entitled to a full refund. We do not think that students should be penalized because they registered earlier than their peers who waited until the last minute to register.
  • Date by which a student can receive a Partial Refund – This is the date by which a student can cancel their registration and receive a partial refund (charged a cancellation fee). Beginning in the fall of 2019, the College Board mandates a $40 cancellation fee for most AP exams cancelled after the November ordering deadline. TR recommends schools set a cancellation fee of at least $40 per exam after exams are ordered. Also, most schools with payment processing will not have the transaction fees returned when processing a refund (check your merchant account) so this should be factored into the cancellation fee. 
  • Date after which there are No Refunds - This is the date after the full refund and partial refund dates when there are no refunds given.

TR takes into account your refund policy when handling cancellations in the system. We will calculate cancellation fees based on this information.

Custom Refund Text – Not Recommended

Schools have the ability to create completely customized refund text. Schools that do not allow refunds should use this option and clearly state that there are no refunds. TR does not recommend this option for the reasons stated above.

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