Refunding a payment

There are a couple of reasons that a student might need a refund: they dropped an exam after paying or they were issued a waiver after paying. TR will issue a refund after schools Record a Refund. Here are the steps to generating a refund:

1. The Total Registration system must see the student as overpaid before you can request a refund. If the student is canceling the exam, then you need to drop the exam (see below for details). If you are issuing a fee waiver to cover the cost of the exam, then follow the Fee Waiver instructions below. If the student has made payment, either of these actions will allow the system to see the student as overpaid.

  • Drop the exam - If you are canceling the student's exam, click on the student's name from any report, and then click the Edit Student's Exams link near the header. When in the edit mode, scroll down to the exam listings. Click the drop-down menu of the exam and change it to Dropped.

Click Next at the bottom of the page. The next page will allow you to enter any necessary cancellation fees. Click Finalize Changes to complete the edit. As above, the exam will be dropped and fees will be recorded. 

  • Add a fee waiver - If you need to add a fee waiver for the exam cost, go to the View/Enter/Edit Payments/Waivers report found in the Finance section of your Report Center and click Record/Edit next to the student's name. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter the necessary information in the Record Payment or Waiver area and click Record Payment.

2. Click the Over Paid link on your Dashboard to view a list of students that may need refunds. Refunds are reserved for students who need money returned. Click Refund to enter a refund. Scroll to the bottom and enter the amount to be refunded and a note. The note is important as it will show in the refund email the student and parent receive.

Schools not using Total Registration's payment processing will need to issue the refund through their standard channels.

For schools using Total Registration's payment processing, TR will be notified of the pending refund and we will issue the refund back to the credit card or send a check (depending on the student's payment method).

NOTE: TR will only issue a refund after it has been recorded in the system following the steps above. TR does not automatically issue refunds when an exam is dropped or a waiver is entered.

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