Allowing/not allowing Non-Students to register

Total Registration does not know which students attend a particular school. If you do not want non-students registering at your school, we recommend configuring the question "Would you like to ask the registrant whether they attend the school or not" to YES and the question "Wait List all Non-Attenders" to YES. These questions are found on the General Info window of your configuration.

By configuring your settings in this way, any student who says they do not attend your school will then be placed on a wait list and you will have to approve or deny their request to register. When a student is placed on the wait list, you will see a Wait List link on your Dashboard. Simply click that link and click to approve or deny the request. 

If their request is denied, they are removed from your wait list and will not be allowed to register at your school. If their request is approved, their registration will be processed and they will be notified to make payment.

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