Bulk Cancel AP Exam Registrations

There are times when multiple students need to have an AP exam registration cancelled. This can be done by accessing that particular exam's roster in the AP Report Center. School coordinators can click the box next to each student who needs to be cancelled OR click the box at the top of that column if wanting to cancel all students who are currently registered for that particular exam. The coordinator can then check or uncheck the box indicating an email will be sent to the student and parent on record of these changes. Lastly, choose the Drop/Cancel Exam option in the Action menu and click the Take Action button.


On the second screen, the school coordinator will see all selected students and can set a cancellation fee and reason for cancellation. If you checkmarked to send an email message on the previous screen, you can edit the email message. If you did not checkmark to send an email message, you will not see the email information. Click the Drop/Cancel Exam button to complete the exam registration cancellations.




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