Setting up AP Exams

Schools will need to configure the exams that they will be offering in order for students to select them. This is done during the AP Configuration Interview. Once the interview is complete, you can edit or add exam information as needed by clicking the "Manage/Set-Up Exams" link in the Configure AP Exams menu.

NOTE: It is important that schools first add teachers into the system so that teachers can be linked to exams (allows students to select their teacher when registering).  Teachers can be added using "Manage/Set-Up Teachers".

Add An Exam

Each exam that you would like to give students the ability to register for must be added to the system. This can be done by navigating to "Manage/Set-Up Exams" => "Manage Exams". This page lists all of the exams you have configured (for new users this is blank). To add an exam click "Add Exam" in the upper-right corner and complete the following steps:

  • Select an Exam to add from the drop-down list. Exams that have already been set up do not appear in the list.
  • Choose a Location (optional) - Schools have the option of assigning a test location to an exam. 
    • Locations must be configured prior to selecting them. 
    • To add a location, click the Add Location link. 
    • Locations can be added to the exam at a later date and are not required for registration
  • Choose a Lead Proctor (optional) - Schools have the option of assigning a proctor to an exam. 
    • Proctors must be configured prior to selecting them. 
    • To add a proctor, click the Add Proctor link. 
    • Proctors can be added to the exam at a later date and are not required for registration
  • Set up the Regular and Alternate Administration Times
    • The dates have been set by the College Board
    • Schools have a little flexibility with the times but must adhere to College Board policy regarding beginning and end times. We suggest entering the time students are to report to the test location as this is the time students will see on their confirmation page.
  • Variable Fees (Optional) - Some schools have different fees based on which exam it is. For example, some schools will charge an additional fee for AP Research and AP Seminar. If the exam you are adding has a discounted fee from your "Base Fee", please enter it here.  In order to have the system have Fees Vary By Exam, you must select that option on the Fee Calculations page of the AP Configuration.
  • Variable Fees Note (Optional)- Schools can enter a note regarding this discount or additional fee that will be recorded with the waiver.
  • Waitlist (Optional) - Schools can choose to waitlist all registrants for a particular exam so as to better control who takes the exam. When this option is checked, students who register for the exam will be placed on a waitlist and the testing coordinator will approve or deny that student's request to take the exam.
  • Link Teachers - Students must choose a teacher for every exam they are registering for. We have found that the process of selecting a teacher greatly reduces errors in the registration process. Teachers will have logins that will allow them to view the students who have registered for exams and selected them. This gives Exam Coordinators additional "eyes" reviewing the registration thus increasing the accuracy of the exam order.
    • In order to link teachers, the teachers must be previously configured.  If you need to add a teacher you may do so using the Add Another Teacher link.
    • To select a teacher you may click on their name in the selection box. To link multiple teachers, please click Add Another Row to add another selection box of the additional teacher. You can add as many teachers as you need. You must select at least one period for each teacher. To select more than one period, please click in the period box to choose another period or hold down the Ctrl key (PC) or the Command key (Mac) while clicking on names. Selected teachers should appear blue or grey depending on your browser.
    • Schools can also offer an option of "No Teacher" or "Independent Study". To offer one or both of these, click the checkbox.
    • Each teacher will also need at least one period selected and that teacher/period's join code added. Periods should be configured in Manage/Set Up Periods before linking them to the teacher within the AP exam. Join codes will be uploaded into TR during the configuration interview process.
  • Saving the Exam
    • If this is the only exam, click Save and you will be returned to the exam list
    • If you have more exams to add, click Save and Add Another Exam.
    • If you want to cancel adding this exam, click Cancel and Return to Exam List.

Edit an Exam

Editing an exam is as simple as clicking on the Edit Exam link for the appropriate exam. The process is very similar to adding an exam (see above) with the exception that the exam cannot be changed.

Remove/Deactivate an Exam

Removing an exam from the registration site (exam will no longer show as an option on the registration site) is done by clicking the Check Mark icon in the active column. A red X indicates the exam is inactive and can no longer be selected by students. Deactivating an exam will not affect any of the past registrations that have been made, it just removes the exam from the registration site for future visitors.

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