Editing a Student's Record/Exam

Coordinators have the ability to edit a student's record and exams in Total Registration. You can click the student's name from any report in your Report Center to access the information. Below is an explanation of each link:


Click Edit Student's Info at the top of the screen to make changes to the student's and parent's personal information (email address, address, demographic, etc).

Click Edit Student's Exams to access the exams. You can add exams to the student's registration, change the teacher or period selected for an exam, change an existing exam registration to "Alternate" for the alternate testing date, change an existing registration to "Exception", or set canceled exams to "Dropped." You can also advance to the second screen to add any additional fees for that student (for example, an additional cancellation fee). 
Note: You will not see this link when viewing a student's record in PSAT/NMSQT.

Click View/Edit Finances to access the student's financial records. You can add or edit waivers and some fees via this link.

Click View PDF to see a copy of that student's registration confirmation.

Click View/Edit Notes to add or view any notes you add pertaining to that specific student.

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