Reinstating a cancelled exam for a student

Occasionally a student will request exam cancellation, and then change their mind and wish to take the exam. Once an exam is dropped, a student cannot "re-register" for the dropped exam. The Exam Coordinator can, however, edit the student's record and reinstate the exam. Reinstating the exam is as simple as editing the student's exams (click in the student's name in a report and then click Edit Student's Exams). The trick is that once a student has dropped their exams, they may not appear in all the reports. The one report they are guaranteed to be found on is the Dropped Exams Report. This report is found in the Edit Student Info/Exams/Password Section under Students in the Report Center, OR in the Misc Exam Reports under Exams in the Report Center. From this report, you can find the student and then click Edit Student's Exams for an AP or IB Exam.  For a PAST/NMSQT exam, just click Reinstate Exam.

To reinstate the exam, scroll down to the exam and change "Dropped - Was Registered for at one point" to "Regular" or "Alternate" (if the student needs to take the test on the late testing date).


In order to save the exams, all exams that are selected will need to have a teacher (select a name, "No Teacher" or "Independent Study").  

Scroll to the bottom and click Next (Enter Fees).

On the second page add any additional fees. Most likely you will not need additional fees. The system will automatically reinstate the exam fees. To save the changes, click Finalize Changes.

NOTE: If the student is Free/Reduced Lunch, "un-dropping" an exam will not reinstate the Fee waiver. You will need to edit the student's waivers to do that. This is easily done from the View/Enter/Edit Students Payments/Waivers link.

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