Registering students for exams after registration closes

Once your registration deadline has passed, students will not be able to register via your school's general registration site.  If they attempt to register, they will now see a message that registration has ended.  There are, however, three ways to register students after the registration deadline.

1. You can elect to allow students to register and be placed on a waitlist after your registration end date. This is set on the General Info Page of the Configuration of the appropriate service. Students who are waitlisted will not be registered or be able to pay until you approve the wait list request.


2. You can still register students by directly accessing the registration via the "Register a Student" link under Edit Student Info/Exams/Password in the Students section of the Report Center.

3. Provide the students with the "Address to access the Registration Outside of the Registration Period" found on the Registration Site Addresses page under the appropriate service tab. Any registrations made with this link for AP exams will be held pending on the Waitlist link that will appear on the coordinator's dashboard. The coordinator will need to approve the registration from that Waitlist before the student can make a payment. Any exams registered for PSAT or IB via this link will not be waitlisted.
NOTE: This link remains active even after your registration end date so please do not share it with students.

4. You can edit the end date to set it in the future so that your registration is open. This is done at AP => Configure AP Registration => General Info.  It is important to make sure that the appropriate late fees are configured when extending the registration window.

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