Student's Name and/or Email Potentially Matches in TR and College Board

Once coordinators upload their College Board (CB) file into the Reconcile tool, they will see students grouped into five categories. Student Info Potentially Matches between CB Enrolled Students and TR Registered Students is one of those categories. The students in this category have matched between TR and CB based on name and/or email address and/or Student ID number. Many of these students may not match due to a simple name difference such as using Mike as the first name in one system and Michael in the other system. The coordinator needs to verify if the entries in the two systems are for the same student by:

  1. Click View Details for each entry and confirm if the student information is correct. When the coordinator clicks View Details, a Student Information box will open showing the detailed data found in the two systems. If this student is a match to the student data shown in the CB file, then you can verify it is a match even if the exams differ between the two systems.Reconcile-PotentialMatch.png
  2.  To verify the match, click the radio button and then click Verify Student Match to match the records. Students will only need to be matched once, even for future uploads.



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