Setting general information

You can easily configure your General Info at Configure Registration => General Info.

  • Time Zone - This was configured when the school was set up and can be edited at Account => Edit 'School Name".
  • Date and Time to Begin Registration - This is the time that students will first be able to access the registration site.  Prior to this date/time, students will be presented a message that the registration has not begun and to come back after registration has begun.
  • Date and Time to End Registration - The registration will no longer be accessible to the students after the date and time. If schools elect to use the wait list, the system will allow students to sign up on the wait list after this date.  
  • Allow Students to Sign Up For Wait List - (You will only see this when configuring AP and PSAT exams.) Schools can elect to start a wait list after the registration end date. In this case, students will continue to be able to access the registration site, but instead of "registering" the student's exam will be added to a wait list. Coordinators can view these wait listed exams and "Approve" a wait listed exam. This will add the exam, fees, etc to the system and the student will now appear in the exams counts and on the roster. Wait listed students will not be able to pay for their exams until their wait listed exam is approved.
  • Attend Your School - (You will only see this when configuring AP and PSAT exams.) The system can ask students if they attend your school.  If they answer no, the system will ask students to identify the school they attend (or if they are homeschool students). The system also has the ability to ask or require different questions depending on whether or not the student attends your school. "Non-Students" can also be charged a different exam fee, which is helpful for schools that subsidize the exam.
  • Select PSAT Exam Date - (You will only see this when configuring PSAT exams.) Select the date you plan to administer the PSAT exam.
  • IB Exams - (You will only see this when configuring AP exams.) If your school has both IB and AP programs, the system can calculate exam conflicts between the two programs. Since both of the programs have exams during the same time period, there is a chance that students may have an IB and AP exam at the same time. The system will ask students if they are taking any IB exams and if they are which exams they are taking. The system can then identify exam conflicts, allowing coordinators to schedule alternates if necessary.
  • Exams Not Listed - (You will only see this when configuring AP exams.) Schools have the option of allowing students to register for exams that are not listed (configured for the school). If schools elect to use this option, students will be asked if they need to register for an exam not listed.  If students indicate yes, the next page of the registration site will show all the possible AP exams that are not configured. If a student "registers" for one of these exams, the exam will be waitlisted and will not be added until approved by school staff. Once the exam is approved, students will be emailed a copy of their confirmation with directions on how to pay their balance.
  • Allow students to request the alternate date for an exam - (You will only see this when configuring AP exams.) Schools can allow students to submit a request to change their regular AP exam date to the alternate exam date. Coordinators will receive the request and can then approve or deny the date change.
  • Base Exam Fee - This is the "typical" non-discounted fee that students will pay for the exam. This fee can be discounted for various reasons (free/reduced lunch, certain exams, based on the number of exams, etc) later in the configuration process. Think of this as the maximum fee that students will pay for an exam.
  • IB Registrations/Program Fee - (You will only see this when configuring IB exams.) Set the fee to charge all non-Diploma students who did NOT pay the fee the previous year.
  • One Time Admin Fee - (You will only see this when configuring AP and IB exams.) Schools have the ability to charge a one time fee per registration. This will be charged each time a student registers and will be independent of the number of exams. 
  • Admin Fee Label - (You will only see this when configuring AP and IB exams.) How the "Admin Fee" is referenced on the registration site.
  • Contact Info - There are some places where the registration site will display the contact info. This contact info will also be used to generate some of the customized text and directions.
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