Sharing registration site with students

It is up to each school to advertise and share their registration website URLs with students and families. We recommend communicating multiple ways, including but not limited to:

  • School website
  • School-wide email
  • Article in the school newsletter
  • Sending notes home with students
  • Using parent communication tools through the school's School Information System's Parent Portal
  • Through the classroom teachers
  • School Announcements

We offer a Registration Letter Template you can use to help you get started with the information that should be shared. You will find it under the service menu (AP, PSAT/NMQST, and/or IB).


You will find your unique website URL by going to the service menu (AP, PSAT/NMQST, and/or IB) and clicking Registration Site Addresses.


Be sure to share the Registration Site for Students URL and not any of the other URLs. There can be negative consequences if the other URLs are shared with students.



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