Configuring registration website

If you are new to Total Registration, we recommend you configure your service(s) using the Configuration Interview. The Configuration Interview link can be found in the configuration area of each service menu (AP, PSAT/NMSQT, or IB).

You may want to have the following information available before beginning the configuration process: registration begin and end dates, exam fee you plan to charge for free/reduced students and full-price students, exams you plan to offer (AP and IB only), teacher names and email addresses, class periods each teacher teaches specific courses (AP and IB only), and late fee amount and begin dates. You can add/edit information later on if you do not have all elements at the time you begin configuration.

  1. Log in as admin/coordinator at
  2. Go to the menu of the service you wish to configure (AP, PSAT/NMQST, or IB) and click Configure Registration. The below example shows the AP service's configuration menu selection.
  3. Click Configuration Interview.

If you need to leave the interview before completing it, the system will start you at your last saved page when you return.

Once you complete the Configuration Interview, you can bypass the interview in the future and configure specific features/screens by clicking directly on its link. The below image highlights the links to the individual AP configuration screens.


NEXT STEP: Once you complete your configuration, you will need to run the Configuration Check before your site can go live.


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