Configuring registration website

Configuring your registration website can be done in these simple steps: 

  • Login to - Login as the School/District Admin
  • Click "Configure Registration" under the appropriate exam menu.
  • There are two ways to enter the required information: Interview Mode and Section by Section
    • Interview Mode will walk you through the entire configuration process section by section. This is the best way to start, especially for new users
      • You can leave the interview at any time, but please save the last page you were working on.
      • You can return to the interview at any time, but it will begin at the beginning. To get to the last page you worked on, just click Save on all the completed pages.
    • Section by Section allows users to edit just the sections they desire.  This is most helpful for users who have been through the interview and have a few changes to make.
      • To access a section, just click on the desired section title.
      • Once done editing, click Save and you will be returned to the configuration page.
  • Once the configuration process is complete, users must run the "Configuration Check". This utility will check all your configuration settings and identify any errors. If the configuration is error free, the registration site will be active for students but will not open until your begin date. If the configuration has errors, they must be corrected before the registration site can go live. Once the errors are resolved the Configuration Check must be run again. 
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