Testing your registration website

It is very important to test your registration site with sample students once you complete your configuration. Doing so will help you verify you configured the registration site as you intended. To do so, click the service menu you are configuring (AP, PSAT/NMQST, or IB) and click Registration Site Addresses.


Using the Address to Test Registration will allow you to access the registration site even though the registration is not open. It also flags this registration so that all the "sample" data can be removed at the click of a button. Other than this, the registration site is the same as it will appear to students.


You should test with a real email address (doesn't matter which one as long as you have access to it) when testing, so that the system will send you all of the emails that students will receive, allowing you to completely verify the process. If your school accepts online payments, it will be live, so you should NOT pay with a credit card but choose one of the other payment methods. If you wish to do test registrations multiple times, you will need to use different emails or remove your test registration.

Once testing is complete and everything has been verified to be correct, you will want to remove the test mode registrations. Click the "Remove Test Mode Registrations" link on your dashboard and then click the test registration to remove. Use caution when doing this as this process can not be reversed. If you see any registrations that appear to be actual registrations, please contact Total Registration.

NEXT STEP: Once your registration site(s) is set to your satisfaction, you are ready to instruct your students/families on how to use it.

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