Setting up Periods

Some schools wish to organize their exam rosters and/or reports by class teacher and period. You will create class periods during the Configuration Interview.

If you need to add more periods for students to choose from during their registration once you complete your Configuration Interview, you first must create the periods. Click Manage/Set Up Periods in the Set Up section of your Configuration menu and then click Add Periods. The Add New Period window opens. Type the period name and choose when the classes associated with that period begin (that is, do the classes using that period begin at the start of the school year of after the date the College Board starts charging a late fee), and click Save Period. 


You will then need to link the periods to the individual exams by clicking Manage/Set Up Exams on your Configuration menu screen and then click Manage Exams and either edit an existing exam or create a new exam. At the bottom of the Edit Exam window, you can link periods to the teachers, as seen in the below example. You can click inside the "Periods" box for a teacher to add additional periods.  To remove a period, just click the "x" next to the period. You will also need to enter the join code for each teacher/period at this time.


When your students register, they will see periods linked to teachers' names for each exam, as seen in the below example.


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